e-color has two individual powder coating facilities with capacity to supply many coating finishing requirements. Our staffs is comprised of knowledgeable professionals and experts on powder coating processes, and at the same time, we have a mandatory strong employee training program to keep them informed on the newest trends and changes in the industry and also on the latest powder coating quality control standards; so we are able to provide the best finishing solutions for all your coating needs, while offering the highest quality, quickest delivery and a fair price


Decorative, yet durable, our powder coatings combine an eye-pleasing appearance with excellent mechanical properties. A broad selection of coatings are available for indoor and outdoor furniture, fitness and recreational equipment, lawn and garden implements, power tools, home appliance parts, automobile and motorcycle parts (OEM), kitchen furniture, marine components and many other applications.


e-color has created and preserved an excellent industry reputation based on finding the best cost and time effective solutions. We are experts in listening your specific requirements and design the best processes based on your guidelines. A growing number of customers call upon us to subcontract their pre-cleaning and pre-treatment processes, as well as final assembly, packaging, warehousing and shipping parts from our facilities. To support this continuing and growing demand, in 2012 we added 6,500 square meters of space devoted specifically to these tasks.


Our business and processes have been built with a singular strategy in mind to serve the niche between those large companies who might take their production overseas and those smaller manufacturers that are more likely to work with batch coating operations. Some of our current applications also serve the automotive aftermarket, point of purchase displays and fitness products. We have the space, equipment and the years of experience to handle a variety of part and run sizes, products and surfaces. All products are given the same care and attention.