Harness Colauto’s Advantages

Our large materials purchases gets us to the next pricing level.
We can be your next level. Let us help you reach OEM pricing (and quality) on your project.

Our single-source integrated manufacturing lowers your costs.
Our total, under-one-roof coordination of design, analysis, purchasing, production, assembly, packaging, and logistics expedites and streamlines your project from clean sheet to your door.

Our sizeable, sophisticated engineering and design staff strengthens your team.
From design to production, Colauto’s engineering department works closely with you and your colleagues.

Our quality and deliveries meet stringent OEM and International standards.
Multinational leaders such as Toyota, Renault-Nissan, Mazda and GM, who rely on our quality, routinely audit and certify our organization. Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 and other internationally recognized certifications speak volumes.

Our predictable, reliable deliveries keep your production and revenues flowing.
Our ability to manage smaller volume production runs combined with our strategic location allow for “smaller and more often” shipments, ensuring your products on-time arrivals.

Our flexible terms put new projects within easy reach.
Colauto offers several options for handing new project tooling costs that, until now, may have shelved the projects you need to expand your business.

Our strategic location accelerates deliveries from weeks or months, to mere days!
From our main ports to Houston Port (10 days), or to Baltimore Port (9 days), our strategic location lowers your freight costs by thousands of miles!